PolyCapture’s patented polymer CO2 capture adsorbent is highly selective, low cost and effective in a wide range of capture environments.


Existing CO2 Capture systems require large quantities of energy to desorb captured CO2, are sensitive to impurities in the flue gas such as water vapour, produce corrosive by-products and give off impurities in the resulting gas flows.


PolyCapture offers a highly selective, low cost, and low energy solution for CO2 capture and purification. Our Pressure Swing Adsorption system can provide > 95% purity CO2 with a very low cost of operation, utilising small quantities of energy.

PolyCapture’s patented CO2 capture technology is easily able to separate CO2 from other gases by adsorbing it with high selectivity from Nitrogen, Methane, and Hydrogen

PolyCapture’s technology produces high purity streams of CO2 due to its highly selective nature, reducing the need for further purification

PolyCapture’s polymer capture technology uses Pressure or Temperature swing adsorption (PSA and TSA) and is highly resilient to impurities in gas flows

PolyCapture provides unique advantages

Energy efficient regeneration
Low levelised cost of capture
Exceptionally high CO2 selectivity
Resilient to gas impurities and water vapour, non corrosive
High gas recovery


PolyCapture’s polymer bead technology is based on research spun out of the University of Cambridge and Cranfield University.

The company is still based in Cambridge with a dedicated research facility in Leicester.


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